There are many advantages to hiring Arthur Creek for your business’s financial services. We have a team dedicated to supporting the start and growth of your company all the way up to the time you’re ready to exit.

Small Businesses need to remain conscious about paying for only what is most critical. Strong financial guidance is critical, especially in the early stages. Arthur Creek Financial is the answer on the path to business viability and success. When startups need it most, Arthur Creek Financial provides the expertise without the additional cost of having an extra colleague on payroll.

A fractional CFO is a seasoned boardroom veteran who has spent years leading organizations through numerous business challenges. This means businesses will have someone who has the vision and foresight to navigate not just that which lies immediately ahead, but also future obstacles that founders miss due to be pulled in different directions. And, since a fractional CFO handles multiple companies, they provide a diversity of experience created out of tackling a wide variety of challenges across different business sectors.

A major problem that affects startups is being stuck with people in leadership positions whose vision or business philosophy heavily differs from the founder. Constant friction at the top can drain a startup’s energy and disrupt its focus. With a qualified fractional CFO, founders can move on easily if the relationship isn’t a fit.

A fractional CFO, like an external consultant, comes in to assist startups with the immediate needs. This means founders can focus on their most important tasks while the fractional CFO can focus on topics like audits, a merger or an acquisition, or a round of raising capital.